A friendly & professional greeting.

We want you to feel comfortable with our knowledge and interactions with your and your animal family member.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it was our own.


A happy stress free pet

It is our goal to keep your animal family members routine the same. Minimizing stress, anxiety, and illness.

Meet Our Team

Furry Legs of Love is the first company to provide veterinary technicians and assistants to be your pet care providers.  We specialize in the care of pets with medical, b‚Äčehavioral, and post-operative concerns. We have experience with the furry, scaley, and feathered. With our knowledge and experience your pet is in the best care possible while you are away from home. Our pet care providers are hand picked to meet the needs of you and your animal family member.

We are here to support you and your animal family member in your times of need. We offer private lessons in learning how to medicate your pet, give subcutanious fluids, injections, as well as assist you when they come home from the hospital due to illness/injury/surgery. Our goal is to help you every step of the way, creating a happier and healthier animal family member. 

Stephanie Velez CEO, Pet Loss & Grief Companion Certified, Massage & Laser Certified, Registered Veterinary Technician

What to Expect

Ashley Goodwin
Pet Care Provider, Veterinary Nurse
Jasmine Dulaney, Assistant Manager, Pet Care Provider, Veterinary Nurse

A Word About Furry Legs of Love

‚ÄčWe care for your pets like we would our own.
Amber Celeste
Pet Care Provider, Veterinary Nurse